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Why would I need a day of coordinator if the venue comes with an on-site coordinator? 2015-07-23T20:32:06+00:00

The on-site coordinator has the venue in their best interest and not the bride. They won’t run to your rescue when you suffer a wardrobe malfunction, Uncle Bob has had too much to drink, and the DJ wants to leave earlier than contracted for. The day of coordinator is at your beckon call. She/he will pull out their emergency kit to fix your dress, sit Uncle Bob down, and make sure the music plays on.

We are thinking of getting married abroad, do you travel? 2015-07-23T20:32:36+00:00

Absolutely! We have partnered with a travel agency for this specific purpose. BJ Travel can help you with your travel arrangements and accommodations. Our Signature Events team will get to your destination in advance to organize and coordinate with the vendors. So, relax, decompress and we’ll take care of the rest! We will make sure that your wedding day is exactly how you envisioned it.

What travel expenses am I responsible for? 2015-07-23T20:33:01+00:00

Airfare, Lodging, Rental Car and $500 to cover any additional unexpected travel fees

What’s the difference between a Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator? 2015-07-23T20:33:29+00:00

What’s the difference between a Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator?

A Wedding Planner will ensure that all of the appropriate vendors are contracted to provide the product and services that meet your requirements and expectations. The Wedding Planner will help create and manage your budget needs, be the unbiased mediator between the families, and create the wedding that you envisioned.

A Day of Coordinator will take over the management of the vendors and services that you have worked so hard to get on board. The Day of Coordinator will review your vendor contracts to make sure you are getting a good deal and that they have the proper insurance and licenses. Coordinate a 30 day vendor walk through to ensure the vendor team understands your service expectations. Finally, the Day of Coordinator will take care of the bride and groom and your guests so that you can enjoy your special day.

Why would I need Design Services? What does it entail? 2017-03-10T01:50:05+00:00

Our new “design-only” package was created to relieve our clients of the overwhelming task of decorating a space. This package does not include any planning or logistical assistance. However, it’s perfect for the bride or client that only needs help creatively.

As many of you know, Pinterest is great for collecting creative ideas but the sheer number of images and ideas can be paralyzing. With the combination of ideas spinning around in your head, the whole creative process can literally become one big ball of confusion.

Let our gifted design team incorporate your initial thoughts and ideas to produce a “one of a kind” design created especially for you. Based on your visual elements you want to see, we will methodically begin the creative process of making your visual concept come into fruition. With meticulous attention to detail to the space, budget and our clients desires, we will present you with an unequivocal and cohesive design that you inspired! There are different levels with this package, so you can decide exactly how many options you need.

Design Services Include:

FREE Initial Consultation

Email, Phone and SKYPE Communication

Design Board (including decor elements, color palette and floral concepts)

Comprehensive Decor and Styling Plan

Venue Walkthroughs (one of ceremony space and reception space each) *travel fees may apply

Venue Layout Plan

Design Budget Plan and Management

Design Vendor Procurement of all Design Rentals and Flowers

One Extensive Design Meeting

Day-of Design Production (set-up, changeovers and breakdown)

How many team members will you bring to help with my wedding/event? 2015-07-23T20:34:49+00:00

We generally send a team of two to work an event. However, additional staff may be needed depending on the event requirements, size, setup, and timeline. This will be discussed in your consultation meeting.

Why would I need an Event Planner for a Corporate Event? 2015-07-23T20:35:17+00:00

While most businesses will have fully capable in-house staff that can organize events, we are offering our polished and professional services to design, plan, decorate, contract and manage the vendors, set up, break down and executing the event so your valued employees can focus on the tasks that produce income and contribute to your company’s bottom line.

What type of Business Events have you done? 2015-07-23T20:35:42+00:00

We have had the pleasure of planning Kaiser Permanente’s Latin Cultural Festivals throughout the bay area, inaugurations for leading high tech companies along with tenant and employee appreciation luncheons, and non-profit events, just to name a few.

What service packages do you offer for Corporate Events? 2015-07-23T20:36:30+00:00

Signature Events has planned corporate and non-profit events for many of the Bay Area’s leading organizations. We specialize in providing unparalleled professionalism throughout the planning process. Having worked in a variety of corporate industries we understand the needs of your organization. We take the time to learn about your business culture, goals and business core values. We are dedicated and hard-working planning professionals. We save you money and allow your in-house staff to focus their efforts on your bottom line. Please ask about our non-profit discounts that we offer to a select group of non-profits each year.

Find out more about how we can achieve your goals related to:



employee recognition events




tenant appreciation events

corporate milestone celebrations

What type of Cultural Events have you planned? 2017-03-10T01:50:05+00:00

We have had the respectful honor of planning a variety of cultural celebrations. Whether you want to go the traditional route or put a modern twist on a cultural celebration, we’re ready to help create a uniquely personal experience! Through client referrals and repeat business, we have become experts in planning multi-day South Asian affairs, being mindful of the Greek Orthodox elements of the crown, candles, and common cup, the sake barrel breaking ceremony of the Japanese culture, to the Chinese tea ceremony and we can’t forget to mention the important coming out party of the Latin Quinceanera celebrations.


What are the benefits of working with you? 2017-03-10T01:50:05+00:00

Our goal is to relieve you of stress and confusion, save you time and money, plan and create a spectacular event so you can relax and decompress. After weeks of research and surfing the internet for products, vendors, services and ideas, are you feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed in planning your wedding, celebration or special event?

Signature Events is here to hold your hand and provide individualized service. We achieve this by listening and guiding you through the innovative process that delivers flawless execution of your vision and exceeds your expectation without exceeding your budget. We personally introduce you to our entrusted preferred partners that we have established relationships with in order to provide you quality products and services at a maximum value. We review all of your contracts before you sign to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and need at the price you expect. We ensure the vendors you choose are licensed and have the proper insurance coverage for your event. In addition, we have an in-house design team that has received formal design training so no aesthetic detail is missed in creating the event you envisioned.

Lastly, the owner of Signature Events, Christina Romero is a Board Member and Vice Chair of the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC). This exemplifies Christina’s dedication and passion she has to the industry and the professional commitment to her peers and clients.

Do you work with same-sex couples? 2015-07-23T20:38:20+00:00

Of course – we stand by Equality without Exception and embrace the LGBT community! We are partners with some of the best LGBT vendors in the industry and collaborate on many same sex weddings, celebrations and LGBT events throughout the Bay Area. We welcome all same-sex couples!